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Starting a Business

Welcome to the Big Bend Business Communitydobusiness1

Starting a new business or locating one in the Village of Big Bend requires some planning to ensure that your start-up will proceed smoothly. To begin the process, you will    need to contact the Planning & Development Department to:
Verify if your business is a permitted use and if there are parking constraints that may need approval.
Obtain-and have approved- an Occupancy Permit before your business can open.
Have approved any exterior signage or facade changes by the Village’s Plan Commission.
 All types of businesses in Big Bend require an occupancy permit. This includes renting office, commercial or industrial space in any Big Bend Building.
We are here to help. You can bring your proposal to the Planning and Development Department inside Village Hall, W230 S9185 Nevins St., or call 262.662.2747 with your questions.

Big Bend Starting a New Business Brochure 

If you’re reading this, you may be considering building your business in Big Bend. It is our hope that this page and it’s links will give you the information you need to make this decision and become a valued business within the Village. You can always find information on current development projects and a portion of rental spaces within the Village through our Current Commercial and Infrastructure Projects Page.

downloadIt is most important that you determine that your business will meet Village Code requirements and existing ordinances. In that regard, it is highly recommended that you begin the review process with Village staff before signing a lease or purchase agreement. Speak to the Village Clerk or Planner first about your proposal. Then submit your proposal to the Village Clerk inside Village Hall (or call 262.662.2747 with your questions).

Is the proposed business permitted at the location you have chosen?

Businesses in a given zoning district are classified under the code as “permitted uses” or “conditional uses”. If a business is identified as a “permitted use” in the zoning code, you would complete a Site Plan/Plan of Operations application and submit it to the Village Clerk. A business classified under the code as “conditional use” will require an application for a Conditional Use Permit for review by the Village Plan Commission which meets once per month.

Site Plan/Plan of Operations

siteplan_3Required for any new business in the Village. If you are an existing business but are changing number of employees, times of operation, location of your business, etc, you will need to fill out the same form marked as an “amendment to plan of operations.” The cost of the Plan of Operations/Site Plan is $200.00 minimum fee with an additional $0.02 per sq. ft. If you are filling an amendment the fee is $150.00. We will need 11 copies of the plan of operations and site plan (certified survey map) showing the locations of all buildings, parking, septic, dumpster location, etc. We will also need 11 copies of a floor plan showing the interior layout of the business. All materials must be in the Clerk’s office two (2) weeks before the Plan Commission meeting.

To start an application, follow this link to the Site Plan/Plan of Operations Application

For information on the process and tips to help you through it, please follow this link to the Site Plan/Plan of Operations Process Map 

Conditional Use Permit Information

scup_pic024aa196a1-05b9-456c-8109-def248cd26d1largerIf you need a Conditional Use permit for your business you will need to submit an Application for a Conditional Use Form to the Plan Commission. The Village Clerk or Village Planner can help you to navigate this process and to determine if a Conditional Use Permit is required. The cost of Conditional Use Permit is $500.00 for new or $150.oo for an amendment to an existing permit. The Village will need 20 copies of this form and all supporting documents. You will need to appear before the Plan Commission. A public hearing is then scheduled. It will come back to the Plan Commission for recommendation to the Village Board. The Board has final approval. The entire process should take approximately two (2) months to complete when all information and supporting documents are received and necessary conditions are met.

To start an application, follow this link to the Conditional Use Permit Application

For information on the process and tips to help you get through it, please follow this link to the Conditional Use Permit Process Map.

What applications and permits may be required for opening a business in Big Bend?

Various permits may be required before a business may open.

  • Site Plan/Plan of Operation application
  • Sign application
  • Occupancy Permit

All businesses require approval of their Site Plan/Plan of Operations application through the Village Plan Commission and an approved Occupancy Permit. These will require review by the Village Planner, Building inspector and Fire Inspector. The Waukesha County Health Department Health Inspector is involved with businesses that offer food and beverages or massage. The applicant is required to schedule all appointments. You will receive a Certificate of Occupancy upon receipt of positive inspection reports that the various inspectors will provide to the Village.

A business may not open until a Certificate of Occupancy is received.

 If you are proposing major physical alterations to a site, permits will be required for all construction activity. Building, electrical, plumbing and HVAC permit applications may be obtained through the Village Clerk’s Office or online at Failure to obtain a permit prior to starting work may result in required changes to make the work conform to the code as well as additional permit fees.

The Village Planning & Development Department is here to help attract businesses and ensure that they succeed! The Village will help to provide as much information as possible regarding small business loans and government grants for your business.