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Planning & Development

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Office Hours
The Village contracts out for its planning and building inspection services. The Building Inspector is Vince Budiac who holds office hours at the Village Hall on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The Building Inspector can be reached at 262.366.2400 between Monday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Building Related Permits

A permit is required for a wide variety of building, electrical, plumbing and heating/ventilation/air-conditioning work. Please contact the Building Inspector at 262.366.2400 to determine if a permit is needed for your proposed project.

Site Plan/Plan of Operationssiteplan_3

Required for any new business in the Village.  If you are an existing business but are changing number of employees, times of operation, location of your business, etc, you will need to fill out the same form marked as an “amendment to plan of operations.”  The cost of the Plan of Operations/Site Plan is $200.00 minimum fee with an additional $0.02 per sq. ft.  If you are filling an amendment the fee is $150.00.  We will need 11 copies of the plan of operations and site plan (certified survey map) showing the locations of all buildings, parking, septic, dumpster location, etc.  We will also need 11 copies of a floor plan showing the interior layout of the business. All materials must be in the Clerk’s office two (2) weeks before the Plan Commission meeting.

Sign Permits

download-3If you need a sign for your new business we suggest that you apply for it at the time you apply for your site plan/plan of operations. The cost of a sign permit is $75 base fee for residential and $200.00 for commercial with an additional $2.00 per square ft.  We will need 11 copies of the completed form along with a site plan showing the location of the sign and a drawing or picture showing the layout, color and size. Other permit charges may apply.

Conditional Use Permit

scup_pic024aa196a1-05b9-456c-8109-def248cd26d1largerIf you need a Conditional Use permit for your business you will need to submit an Application for a Conditional Use Form to the Plan Commission. The Village Clerk or Village Planner can help you to navigate this process and to determine if a Conditional Use Permit is required. The cost of Conditional Use Permit is $500.00 for new or $150.oo for an amendment to an existing permit. The Village will need 20 copies of this form and all supporting documents. You will need to appear before the Plan Commission.  A public hearing is then scheduled.  It will come back to the Plan Commission for recommendation to the Village Board. The Board has final approval.  The entire process should take approximately two (2) months to complete when all information and supporting documents are received and necessary conditions are met.


rezoning3If you want to rezone your property, you will need to fill out an Application for Rezoning Form. The cost of a Rezone is $200.00 for residential or commercial, $100.00 for additions, decks, pools, etc.  Return 20 copies along with 20 copies of a certified survey and legal description of the property to be rezoned.  You must first appear before the Plan Commission.  A public hearing is set.  Then back to the Plan Commission for recommendation to the Village Board.  The Village Board has final approval on all rezones.  A rezone has to be approved by ordinance at the Board level.  The entire process takes approximately two (2) months to complete. In certain situations rezoning a property may require a change to the Village’s Land Use Plan. In these cases, please use the properly marked link below:

Extra-Territorial Certified Survey Map (CSM) Review

The State of Wisconsin gives all Villages and Cities the right to review all land divisions within 1.5 miles of it’s borders.  The cost is $250.00 plus $15.00 per lot.  You will need to submit 20 copies of a CSM Review form with 20 copies of a certified survey map and legal description of the property to the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission will send it’s recommendation to the Village Board.  The Village Board has final approval on all extra territorial CSM reviews.

Board of Appeals

A variance is requested when a property owner wants to do something to this property or structure(s) on that property, that do not comply with the zoning code.  A Board of Appeals Application must be filled out and returned with all necessary paperwork. The cost is $400.00.  The Board of Appeals does not meet on a regular basis.  It must render a decision within 45 days of submittal of the paperwork to the Village Clerk.

Please note that the Village may charge-back landowners for the cost of professional services related to their application. Village Ordinance.

For the entire Village Fee Schedule including planning and zoning related application fees, click here.