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The following buildings are all located at

W230 S9185 NEVINS ST

The Village Hall is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Thursday and 7:00 am. to 3:30 pm on Friday. The phone number:  662-2747, mailing address: W230 S9185 Nevins St., email address: clerk@villageofbigbend.com.  Our website contains minutes, agendas, upcoming events ordinances and zoning information, as well as other interesting information.

The non-emergency number for the Police Station is 662-2311 or 911 in the case of an emergency.

On December 18, 2010, the Village established its own Fire Department.  If you need the Fire Chief, call 662-2747. Again, in an emergency, call 911.

The phone number for the Library is 662-3571.

The phone number for the Post Office is 662-0996.

The phone number for Big Bend Elementary School is 363-4401.



  • Ripple Brook West - Mr. Steve Styza, 262-547-68110

  • Scenic Ridge - R&W Realty, 262-971-1000

  • Sunset Meadows - Mr. Mark Wesner, 414-507-0201,

  • Guthrie Estates - D&M Development Group, 262-514-3620

  • Badger Meadows - Mr. Ron Badertscher, 1-866-455-5082

  • Wind Walker Highland - Mr. Tom Mehring, 262-510-4407

  • Harvest View - Towne Realty, 414-274-2488


The Village supplies the residents with weekly garbage pickup as well as weekly curbside recycling. If you have any problems with garbage pickup, please call the Clerk’s office. Garbage pick up is on Mondays unless there is a holiday on that day, then the pick up is one day later. Have your garbage out the night before or by 6:00 a.m. When preparing your garbage for collection, please mark or separate any broken glass that is in your garbage. By doing this, it eliminates the number of injuries to waste haulers from unmarked broken glass in garbage bags. If you have appliances for disposal, you may contact any of the following for removal. There may be a charge.


  •  Waukesha Auto Parts & Salvage 262-547-7293;

  •   Kohne Salvage Co. 262-679-1135


 There is also a dumpster available in the Village Park, at the Municipal Garage. The dumpster is there every third Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm except January, February, November and December. Please be sure to bring your dumpster card. If you are a new resident, please stop in the Clerk's office for a dumpster card and your blue recycling bin. If you need an extra or new bin, they are available in the Clerk's office as well as on dumpster day. The dumpster accepts most items, except tires,refrigerators or hazardous waste such as paint or cleaning solvents.  If you have these things to dispose of, please contact the Clerk's office.

There is a brush pick up the third week of October and the third week of April. Have your brush at the curb neatly stacked with cut ends facing the road. They can be no bigger then 4 inches in diameter. If you are taking down a whole tree, please call a tree removal service. Do not put yard waste or tangled brush in the pile as it will clog the chipper.


The closest location to the Village is Jensen Environmental Management, located at W144 S6347 College Ct in Muskego. (414-422-9169). They are open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday from 8:00 am to noon during months of November - March and every Saturday 8:00 am to noon during the months of April-October. See the DPW web page under Departments for more information.  The Clerk's office also has a list of sights and special drop offs in Waukesha County.



The Building Inspection Department is contracted out. The Village Building Inspector is at the Village Hall on Tuesdays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. The phone number is 262-662-2747 and no appointment is necessary, or you can call the Building Inspector direct at 262-366-2400.  If you have a project that needs inspection, please call Vince Budiac at 262-366-2400.

The Village Board Meetings are the first Thursday of every month and the Plan Commission Meetings are every fourth Thursday. Both meetings convene at 7:00 pm. in  the Village Hall.  The Village also has a Municipal Court that convenes on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m.  All Village Committee and Board Meetings are posted at the Village Hall, Citizens Bank (on Clark St) and the Post Office, as well as the Mukwonago Chief, Milwaukee Journal, and Waukesha Freeman. For a complete list of Village meetings see Meeting Calendar on this website.


The Village requires all dogs be licensed yearly. This can be done at the time you pay your property taxes. The cost of a dog license is $10.00 for spayed or neutered and $15.00 for those that are not. You must bring proof of rabies from your vet when you apply for a license. All dogs five months old or older need to be licensed. If a license is purchase after April 1st, there will be a $5.00 late fee, unless it is a new puppy or newly acquire dog. If you have more than three dogs you need to also have a kennel license, which must be purchased at the same time as the dog licenses. The cost of a kennel license is $25.00. Besides the kennel license, each individual dog must have a license.  If you prefer to mail in the information, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.


Bike licenses are required for all bikes in the Village.  The cost of bike licenses is $3.00 and is good for the life of the bike.  These licenses can be obtained at the Clerk's office.


The Village has only one polling place. It is located in the Village Hall. The polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The polling place is handicap accessible. You will need to be registered in the Village before you can vote. If you need registration information, please call or come down to the Village Hall. You can also register on Election Day. Please bring your driver's license or state ID and a utility bill, Library card, bank statement, government issued license (fishing/hunting) will your name present address. If your license has already been changed to reflect your Big Bend address, you need only bring that. If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, please contact the Clerk’s office. For more information, please access Elections on the main menu.


The Village will be sending a newsletter with your tax bill. Please check it for the hours the Treasurer will be available for tax collection. If you prefer to mail your taxes, please be sure to enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for your return receipt. The Village has also installed a drop box in the front of the building for your convenience. Starting in 2008, taxes for the exact amount, can be paid at the Citizen's Bank, Clark St. branch only.

The Public School District is Mukwonago. The High School and Middle School (grades 7 & 8) are located in Mukwonago and the children are bused. The Elementary School (grades K-6) is located on the edge of the Village in the Town of Vernon. Any school questions should be addressed to the Mukwonago School District. Their phone number is 262-363-6300. There are also two private schools in the Village. They are Christ Lutheran School, located on Clark St and St Joseph's School, located on Milwaukee Ave. For more information, contract those schools directly.


The Village has all private wells and septic systems.

The area of the Village is approximately 3 miles. The population is approximately 1,300 people.

The Village has two parks. The main park is located next to the river and has playground equipment, boat launch, baseball diamond, and picnic and camping facilities. The other park is just a soccer field and is located on Cherry St.

The Village is serviced by Time Warner Cable. If you are interested in receiving cable, please contact Time Warner directly.

The Village has a post office, realty, pharmacy, several dentist, two banks, McDonalds, a restaurant, several hair dressers and many other businesses. There are Catholic and Lutheran Churches in the Village as well as a Presbyterian in the Town of Vernon. There are three industrial parks in the Village. The main one is on Industrial Ave off of Edgewood. The others are on Vernon Lane and Adam Court, off of National Ave, and a small one located on Wynn Drive.


The Village has a very well equipped Library. Library hours vary with the seasons. Please see the Library's Website under Departments on our website. They have a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction books, video tapes, books on tape, DVDs and reference materials. If you want materials that the Library doesn't have, they can get them through the Interlibrary Loan Program within a day or two of request. The Library also has a computer and internet access. The Library runs children's programs in the summer and on holidays. They also have an online catalog which can be accessed through The Waukesha Federate Library System or the Library section in Departments on the website.


The Village has a small Museum with a collection of Big Bend\Vernon historical pictures and artifacts. Also, visit the Big Bend Library Historical Book Collection. The Museum hours are the same as the Library's. For more information see the Museum web page under Departments.


The Village has a Police Department consisting of three full time officers and nine part time officers. The department also offers ride-alongs and a volunteer program. If you are interested please see the Police Department web page found under Departments for more information.


The Fire Department is a volunteer paid on call department. The Fire station is located in the Municipal Building on Nevins St. If you have a non emergency question or are interested in becoming a member, call t 662-2747. See the Fire Department web page found under Departments for more information.


Open burning is allowed in the Village of Big Bend from sunrise to sunset. The fire pile should be no larger than 4ft wide and no more than 3ft in height. The fire must be at least 50 ft from any building. An adult 18 years of age or older must be in attendance at all times while burning. Only grass, leaves, and wood in its natural state may be burned. We suggest that a means to control the fire, such as a garden hose or tools, be assessable on site. The Fire Department must be notified at 262-662-2747 on the day of the burn. The name, address, and telephone number of the resident doing the burning is necessary.

Please see the Fire Department web page found under Departments for more information.


The Celebration's Committee will be hosting the 3rd annual Rumble by the River on July 11th and 12th..  This will be a family event with a truck and tractor pull, games for the kids, vendors for the ladies, plenty of food and drink, and musical entertainment in the evening.  The event kicks off on Friday night with a fish fry in the park sponsored by the Fire Department.  There will also be a car show this year, music and a beer tent.  The evening will end with the Big Bend fireworks.  For more information go to bigbendpull.com. 

The Celebration Committee is also sponsoring a Farmer's Market in the park on the third Saturday of the month starting in May and ending in October (weather permiting).  Again, more information can be found on bigbendpull.com.


The Big Bend/Vernon Lions Club also sponsors a Halloween Party the Saturday before Halloween at the Elementary School and an Easter Egg Hunt in the Village Park the Saturday before Easter each year.


The Village does not have a Recreation Department, but our children can participate through the Town of Vernon’s Recreation Department. Information is sent home with the school children or you can find it on the Town of Vernon website. The phone number is